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          以上的学生告诉三分之二(70%) Barnes & Noble College they learn 是tter in class when they’ve read the assigned material in advance. And, 85 percent of faculty agreed that students who obtain the required course materials typically achieve higher grades.




          1. 了解造成学生行为

          Affordability remains a top concern among faculty and students – both broadly and specifically in relation to course materials. In fact, in澳门赌博平台’s proprietary annual Student Pulse survey, students cited cost as the #2 reason they do not have their materials on the first day of class. And, even the #1 reason students gave–that they wanted to check with their professor first — has an implied connection to cost. They don’t want to buy until they receive an extra layer of assurance that the course materials are necessary.


          1. 除去学生准备的主要障碍

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          1. Reinforce affordability and preparedness as part of your brand

          In 2019, 41 percent of students did not 是lieve their school was trying to improve affordability. That’s a truly shocking statistic — but one that is valuable for schools to know and proactively work to counter. Students do have options available to meet their educational needs, so it is imperative that they not only 支持,但他们 感觉 supported. Here, inclusive access programs also provide an optimal resource. Primarily, they support key performance goals of student preparedness and success, but they also are designed to create savings for students. Schools can demonstrate that they are taking a multi-faceted approach to meeting student needs.



          In 2019, 41% of students did not 是lieve their school was trying to improve affordability.



          Inclusive access programs offer a single solution to help address multiple challenges students face — and they deliver meaningful results that speak for themselves.


          之前 Camp是ll University partnered with澳门赌博平台 to implement its First Day™ Complete inclusive access solution, only 45 percent of students were prepared on the first day of class. After launching the program, that stat more than doubled to 95 percent of prepared students. Even 是tter, students saw savings of 65 percent on average in the first semester alone.






          Inclusive Access





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